Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Being busy hasn't always been something I've enjoyed taking part of. As of late, it's something I can't stop! I seem to have to be constantly doing something or I'm not happy. Someone recently told me that- "When you stay busy and you feel like that is making you happy then you're making up for something that you aren't happy with, within yourself." I pondered on this thought but not for long. I suddenly realized I didn't even have the time to think much about that thought because I was so busy. At last, here I am, still busy. I don't know how to relax, it's to hard for me to figure out. Yet, if you went back 10+ years of my life you'd see someone with a lot of time on their hands. I haven't relaxed in over 5 years now. But I love my life and if I'm sacrificing something of mine then I'm sure I'll find out sooner then later. Until then I'm going to continue to balance-my jobs, my writing, my relationship with my husband and daughters, FF, EMS, college, my house and up-keep, and my friends and charities I like to participate in.

If you find yourself with a busy lifestyle and you can't seem to figure out what your really chasing in life try and find that time to focus on your life and figure out what it is you're chasing and going for. I'm going to and I suggest you do the same too. Weed out what's not giving you the satisfaction that you would like to have and keep the ones that make you happy and worth your time.