Saturday, September 25, 2010

"You Scavenger"

Upon you there is greed, lust and death. Will you step aside and let the guards deal? Or will you bow down to such magistrates of life? You run the streets of filth, you feed off of other's souls. What will you do now? Scavenge what you can you scavengers, for it won't be long until the darkness swallows you whole. You think it's hard to breath now - just you wait. The day will come when the walls fall down by beggars hands and see what they cause afterwards. You will be begging for the water to stop flooding your lungs - yet there will be no water in them. You will be begging for the fire to stop engulfing your lungs - yet there will be no fire in them. 

Your eyes will be blinded by the blackness of your irises that bleed. No color will be left in them. Your skin will change to a light grey, it will begin to gradually peel away until nothing is showing but veins and raw meat. Eventually the veins will dry up and shrink and the raw meat and muscle will dry as well. No one will help you, least you should shout out in pain or yell out for help. Even I whom has constantly been there to support you through you troubles; will not help. Yes you heard me correctly, nor I would be there to save your binding spirit. You scavenger, you greed, you lust and death -all into one. You will not hurt me anymore. You who does not control me anymore, begone. Go back to your own little world I will have nothing else to do with you. 

-Michelle Shiflett

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